Tips to create your health goals

Tips to create your health goals | Goal setting is all around us. |

Goal setting is all around us. We set career goals, health goals and goals for our children. It seems modern society is always encouraging us to think about the next thing we want to achieve. However, what we don’t think about enough is the science and strategy of how to create your health goals so that you can achieve them.

Vision and health goals

Are you willing to endure the process that comes before the exciting health change?

To begin, you need to examine YOUR values, look at what YOU really want your future to look like, how YOU will feel about the change, what else might change and why YOU want this change in your life. Creating a vision is about taking responsibility of your life.  It is the motivation that will drive your decisions and actions, which will build confidence to help you push through the obstacles.

Creating a vision board is a really great way to commit to your health goal.  If you write down your vision and goals you are more likely to remember them and the steps required to achieve them.

Health goals that you are going to continue to do should be small daily acts such as, taking your lunch to work three days a week or taking five deep breaths before you get out of bed.

When you have achieved a goal, you need to take the time to celebrate your wins.  Treating yourself can build confidence and make you feel energised, cared for and content.

Tips to create your health goals

  1. Specific – include how, where and when you will be doing the new health goal. For example, I will walk on the beach for twenty minutes between 6am-6.30am on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  2. Measurable – a percentage is a great way to measure whether the goal was achieved at the end of each week. For example, I walked for twenty minutes for two out three mornings of the week.  The goal was 80% achieved.
  3. Attractive – it needs to be something you really want even if there are some challenges and obstacles.
  4. Realistic – make sure the goal is achievable because success builds confidence.
  5. Timeframe – state how often you will be doing the new activity. For example, I will be walking for twenty minutes three times a week.

By stating your vision you understand what you want in life, and ultimately, it will inspire and motivate you.  Goals help to turn your vision into reality.  This is all about empowering YOU to take control of YOUR life, to make the changes YOU need.

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