About Me

First, let’s talk ABOUT YOU, and why YOU need a Wellness Coach to help you find time so that you can be simply happy.

You desperately want to make changes to your life – happier, time for you and a sense of calm – but you’re too tired and busy to know where to even start.


Being a mum is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

But let’s be honest: it’s incredibly hard work.​

It’s tiring and it’s stressful.

And if you’re also juggling work outside the home, a family illness, ageing parents, or a renovation project, these demands are multiplied.

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You dream of ...

  • being energised and committing to exercise
  • being more organised and starting that new hobby
  • having more time to cook more nutritious meals
  • feeling calmer and being more present with your kids

And we all know a happier YOU will pay huge dividends for your family.

You'll be energised, more calm.

More fun to be around.

A better role model for your children.

But - you tell yourself - that all sounds like dreaming the impossible dream right now.

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Imagine if you could make these changes happen NOW. If you could bust through the barriers of time and energy that are preventing you from living a happier, more satisfying life.  And finally, if you could implement a step-by-step plan to help you prioritise your wellness so that you can be simply happy.

And that’s where I come in…your Wellness Coach

Hi, I’m Narelle. A Wellness Coach for insanely busy mums who are ready to start prioritising their wellness without feeling guilty.

I work with incredibly caring mums who are consistently putting everyone else first. They  dream of prioritising themselves but are usually left feeling guilty and too exhausted. 

How do I know?

Like you, I’m a busy mum and juggle both a family and work commitments. The ‘old me’ was feeling exhausted at the end of each day, without enough energy and patience for my own children, let alone for myself. I craved ‘me time’: time to relax, catch up with friends, or pursue my passions.

Determined to find a balance for myself, I embarked on finding a new career.  I completed the Wellness Coaching Australia qualification and was inspired to empower other mums. I am passionate about helping mums find time to prioritise their wellness so that they can be simply happy.

So, how can I help?

Think of me as your support person. You’re in charge, but I’ll be coaching from the sidelinesmotivating you, not judging you. I’ll ask the questions, but you hold all the answers – you just don’t know them yet.

Ultimately, this is all about empowering YOU to take control of YOUR life, to make the changes YOU need.

It sounds fairly straightforward, doesn’t it?

So…are you ready to take the plunge?

Want to know a bit more personal information?

Well here goes…

love pineapple or anything that sounds like a tropical holiday.

hate seagulls and kids that chew chewy and really strong perfumes.

love nothing more than a good bookcamping with friends, hiking huge mountains (without little kids) and hot days.

hate putting cutlery away.

love listening to podcasts.

like to savor moments in time from photos.

I am bad at leaving the house first, especially on the weekend (my husband hates it).

love to make lists and lists and more lists.

I won’t leave home without my pillow, a book, lavender and my apple headphones.

hate coffee but love white tea with half a sugar, from a teapot, in a warm cup.

love having a good laugh and watching my kids dance.

What do you love and hate?

I would love to hear from you.

What are you really struggling with at the moment and wish you could change? 

Join my Simply Happy Mums Group I would love to meet you.

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