About Narelle

Have you always dreamed of an organised, clutter-free house where everything has a place to live?

But you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start...

How I deal with being an overwhelmed mum | Are you an overwhelmed mum? | https://simplyhappy.com.au/overwhelmed-mum/

Being a mum is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

But let’s be honest: it’s incredibly hard work.

It’s tiring and it’s stressful.

Your brain is overloaded trying to keep track of what's happening on what days and who needs to be where.

Then there's the extra load associated with caring for children with additional needs.

You Desperately want to reduce the overwhelm from clutter so that you don't feel like you're drowning.

You dream of ...

Never missing appointments or events like school dress up days.

Eating more nutritious meals and saving money on groceries.

Getting a good nights sleep in an organised and free of clutter bedroom.

Being able to find things easily so you're not wasting money replacing items.

Having an area for toys that's easy to maintain.

And that’s where I come in…

Hi, I’m Narelle, a qualified Wellness Coach, professional organiser and yoga teacher. I help individuals and families with additional needs or organisational challenges to implement simple organisational strategies so that they can create a clutter-free, safe and functional home.

How do I know?

As a mum formally identified as Autistic, ADHDer and through supporting other neurodivergent families and children like my own I know first-hand the challenges of carrying the extra load. The extra mental load can start to take a toll on your confidence, self-esteem and both physical and mental health.

I now understand the importance of rest and making sure my cup is full to be able to continue to hold space and support my family. 

But it wasn’t always this way…

I was addicted to busyness and the adrenaline from ticking off my to-do list. 

Maybe you can relate??

I validated my worthiness from how busy I was.

I still get stuck in busyness at times but it’s usually, to move through emotions like sadness or anger faster.

Being a professional organiser, yoga teacher with a Physical Education teacher background of over twenty years I know the importance of staying healthy both mentally and physically. But I still need to remind myself daily of how being BUSY impacts my health.

So, how can I help...

We all have those quirky little things about us that makes our friends either think we’re totally weird or makes them say “OMG I DO THAT TOO”. So I thought I’d share a few of mine:

I love pineapple or anything that sounds like a tropical holiday.

I hate seagulls flapping, fans in bathrooms, really strong perfumes or the laundry isle at the supermarket, fluorescent lights, competing sounds like the TV on and kids talking loudly (I’m very sensitive to sounds, lights and smells).

I love nothing more than a good book, camping with friends, hiking and sunny days.


I hate putting cutlery away (it’s a boring and tedious job)

I love listening to podcasts (It’s how I study human behaviour and things I’m interested).

I like to savour moments in time from photos (I’m a visual thinker and photos help me remember positive emotions).

I’m terrible at leaving the house on time, I am always trying to do one more thing before I leave (I’m super productive person).

I love to make lists and lists and more lists…can you tell??(I’ve got a terrible working memory and this helps)

I won’t leave home without my pillow, a book/kindle, lavender and my headphones.


I hate coffee but love white tea with half a sugar, from a teapot, in a warm cup.

I love having a good laugh and hanging out with my kids.

Do you have any weird quirks? Do you share any of mine?

I’d love to hear from you so hit reply.

Narelle 😊

If you’d like to declutter your mind & home using yoga at home then join me on the mat.

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