Do you find yourself wasting precious time searching for misplaced items and wishing for a more organised life?

Don't let clutter control your life any longer.

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Have you always dreamed of an organised, clutter-free house where everything has a place to live but you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start?

As a professional organiser and yoga teacher 

I’ll help you:

  • Identify hot spot areas in your home so that you can start to declutter and organise your home even with only small amounts of time.
  • Implement simple organisational strategies so that everything has a place to live in your home and you can maintain a clutter-free home.
  • Declutter your mind to help declutter your space using yoga.

Hi, I’m Narelle a mum, professional organiser and yoga teacher with an education background. I support individuals and families with additional needs and organisational challenges. Being neurodivergent myself I use neurodiversity-affirming practices.


Download the 5-min  Declutter eBook or Paper & Digital checklist to start taking control of your home today.

Simply Happy Organisation FB Group

A safe place to sell or donate your things. Find tips and hacks to create a more functional, organised and home. 

Virtual Organising Package


Virtual planning session, emailed personalised plan and follow up review to help you organise a space in your home.

In Person Organising


Create an organised, clutter-free and functional home with an organisation session.

On Demand Yoga


Declutter your mind & space using yoga. Instant access to free videos.

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Simply Happy Conversations, a podcast that teaches you how to create a clutter-free, functional and simply happy life. 

Solo episodes with practical steps to simplify your life and create a more organised home. 

Every fortnight, I also share guest conversations with experts passionate about the future of our home, health, and the planet. These conversations will provide actionable takeaways to create a more organised, sustainable and happy life.  

The Blog

Sharing organisational strategies so that they can start to simplify their life and prioritise their health.

Yoga to Declutter Your Mind

Imagine having a clutter-free, organised home and clear mental space to be able to focus and get stuff done.

Introducing Yin Yoga to help declutter your mind & home so that you can focus, feel calmer and more organised.

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