Organisational Session NDIS

Helping create a clutter-free, safe and functional home.

Do you keep telling yourself one day you'll get organised but you feel so overwhelmed and you're not sure where to start?

Imagine an organised, clutter-free, functional home where...

You're able to find things easily and not wasting money replacing items.

You're getting a good nights sleep in an organised bedroom.

Toys have a place to live that's easy to maintain by even your children.

You never missing appointments or events like school dress up days.

You're pantries organised and you're eating more nutritious meals and saving money on groceries.

Having simple organisational strategies and a home for everything is key to a creating an organised, safe and functional home.

How can I help ...

Organisation sessions can guide and support  you to reduce clutter and create a plan to help you stay organised.

What's included in an organisational session:


Identify the hot spots in your home. Discover the vision and function you want for the room.


Personalised organisational strategies to build habits to maintain an organised home.


Non judgemental guidance and support to declutter and organise the hot spots in your home. Hands-on assistance in your home or virtual support.

Storage Solutions

Source the best storage solutions for your space.


Communication between support coordinators, plan managers and allied health professionals.


Removal of donations from your home. Coordinate the removal of rubbish when required.

Organisational sessions can create more time and reduce overwhelm so that you can prioritise more important things in life.

How organisational sessions can help you:

Hi, I’m Narelle, a Professional Organiser and Yoga teacher. I help individuals and families with additional needs or organisational challenges to implement simple organisational strategies so that they can create a clutter-free, safe and functional home. As a mum formally identified as neurodivergent and through my work supporting other neurodivergent families and children like my own I know first hand the challenges.

When I’m not helping families implement organisational strategies you’ll find me enjoying a good book, cooking, listening to a podcast because I love learning, camping, walking, doing yoga or enjoying sunny days on a local beach.

Organisational Packages

Virtual Organising Package

$195 AUS

1 hour initial planning session

Emailed written plan

1 hour follow up review session

Face-to-face Session

$100 AUS 1hr

Minimum 2 hours in Geelong

Most common concerns:

I work with kids, teens and adults. I’m a mum with 2 kids and I’ve over 20 years experience in both primary and secondary education so I understand how to work with kids and teens. It’s better coming from an expert the benefits of an organised bedroom, craft area or toy room than your own parents.

I also really enjoying working with adults of all ages.

Decluttering and decision making can be extremely exhausting. I’ll remove things from the area to be organised, categorise it but the decision whether something stays or goes is up to you. You need to be within the home and available to make the decisions. I’ll encourage you take breaks throughout the process. 

Most certainly kids can be present and even part of the process. Most kids enjoy using the label maker and are also improving their literacy skills. It’s a great opportunity to role model to your children how to reduce clutter and set an organisational system in your home.   

You can use either budget. I can tailor a plan that suits your needs and your NDIS plan goals.

I work with plan managed clients. You can get your support coordinator to confirm that organisational sessions can help your NDIS plan goals.

I work with self managed clients. You can email or give me a call and we can discuss how the sessions can help your NDIS plan goals,

I’m not able to work with NDIA managed plans.


For more detailed information about professional organising service, what’s included and not included.

If you’re a NDIS participant who like support to create   an organised, clutter-free and functional house  then contact me on email – or fill in the enquiry form below.

If you’re an NDIS Support Co-ordinator or therapist who’s enquiring on before of a client please fill in the enquiry form below.

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