Tips to be more mindful each day.

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I interviewed Amarra, from The Well State about life, health and mindfulness. She’s just like myself a wellness advocate and a lover of yoga and plants. She’s also the content curator and brand manager of the Bloom app. It’s a meditation and sleep app helping people bloom into a better version of themselves. 

I’ve been using and sharing content for the Bloom app over the past 6 months. It has a huge extensive range of contributors to the app. Whether you like to read, listen to audio or watch a video it covers all bases. 

In this Wellness Masterclass, Amarra shares her struggles with anxiety, mindful tips and tricks that keep her in the present moment, and her various lines of work as a wellness advocate.

Wanting some tips to be more mindful each day and improve your health? Grab a cuppa and check out our chat.

For more tips to be more mindful and improve your health check out an early blog post Strategies to Increase Positive During Difficult Time.

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