Four Easy Steps For Mums to Boost Energy

 Why do mums need to boost energy?

A common complaint from mums is that they feel exhausted and need to boost energy. I have devised four easy steps to help mums boost energy.  I promise you will feel more energised and happier from implementing them.
Being a mum is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. But let’s be honest: it’s incredibly hard work. It’s tiring and it’s stressful. And if you’re also juggling work outside the home, a family illness, ageing parents, or a renovation project, these demands are multiplied.
Are you feeling exhausted from placing everyones happiness and needs first?  Yes, I was one of those Mums that filled everyone else’s cup and was left snapping and yelling at her kids constantly. I would put the kids to bed seeing it as chore instead of a special moment to savour together. There was simply no more fuel in the tank. I just needed a boost of energy.
The first step after recognising I wanted to change was, looking at my values. I wasn’t being the role model I wanted to be for my kids. They learn from everything we do, so why wasn’t I nurturing myself? Yes, I did feel guilty at the beginning but remembering my values helped to change my mindset.

Easy steps to boost energy for mums-

  1. Scheduled at least ten minutes everyday for yourself doing something that you enjoy. If you do this each day it will become a habit. I love to read before bed and enjoy a cuppa for 20 minutes on my own in the afternoon (kids watching a TV show).
  2. Schedule one hour on the weekend when there are more opportunities for people to take care of the kids. I usually find an hour on a Saturday doing some kind of exercise or gardening.
  3. Schedule half a day once a month to take a break from your usual routine. This has been found to give the same boost of happiness as a holiday. I love catching up with a group of friends in Melbourne once a term.
  4. Breathe. Deep breathing into your stomach will calm the nervous system, lowers the heart rate and improves mood. I like to use the apps Relax Lite or Smiling Minds at least once a day to regulate my breathing and bring back focus and calmness.

Four Easy Steps to Boost Energy For Mums | Do you get to the end of the day with no energy to even think about self care for yourself? | Four Easy Steps to Boost Energy For Mums /

I now value every opportunity for self care throughout the day. It maybe for only a small amount of time but any time is better than none. The activity will vary for each and everyone of us. To start we need to prioritise our needs and then happiness, energy and balance will follow.
If you are a Mum who wants to boost energy and be more organised, so that you can free up time for things that make you happy contact me. We can have a quick 15 minute chat and identify what is draining your energy and what I can do to help you.
If you want to boost your energy then get the 3 part eBook – 21 Simple Steps to Boost Energy here.
Thanks to Amy a mindful artist and illustrator for her beautiful work – Self-Care Tip for Busy Mums. You can purchase her work here.
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