Discover useful secrets of organisation for a super busy family

Discover useful secrets of organisation for a super busy family | My kids are growing up in the era of the 'super busy' family. |
My kids are growing up in the era of the ‘super busy’ family. I remember thirty years ago when life was more relaxed and carefree. I don’t remember my parents ever using the word ‘busy’ to describe our lives. ‘Busy’ is the new epidemic of the modern family. Just ask any mum how she is and the first word she will use to describe her life is ‘busy’.
The secret to getting things done is planning and organisation. Having a system in place to follow helps to eliminate feeling overwhelmed and puts you back in the driving seat of your life. You will decrease brain clutter, start to prioritise what is important, feel calmer and improve your overall health.

Secrets of organisation

Allocate a small amount of time to organise your week. Make sure you have no distractions like phones. Have your to-do list with everything you need to do on it. Remember, it is a living document that you will ‘never’ complete. Now go through your list and apply one of the four actions:
  • Do It- If it takes less than two minutes, do it now. You could schedule it for later, but it might take you a minute just to do that. Save yourself the hassle and do it now.
  • Defer It- if it takes more than two minutes, and you’re the right person for the job, defer it. Put it on a list of things to do later or when you have more time. It is important to write it down so it is out of your head. Your brain doesn’t need to be continually trying to remember it.
  • Delegate It- Who could be better suited to that job? Could you ask for help? Could you outsource and get someone else who would enjoy doing that much more than you would? Let’s play to our strengths and think collaboratively. For example:

Hire a cleaning when you have a really hectic week or get the family to do some extra jobs around the house.

Buy precook meals from healthy wholefoods business for a couple of nights of the week to take the stress out meal preparation.

Share school drop-offs and/or pick-ups or after school activities with other families.

This is one of my favourites, to barter babysitting with a group of close friends.

  • Delete It- Ask yourself do I need to do it? Is it important? If your answer is no then delete it and give your brain the space to focus on the important stuff. I suggest you write down you’re top five most important things. It will help you decide whether you will make time for it or delete it.Discover useful secrets of organisation for a super busy family | My kids are growing up in the era of the 'super busy' family. |

Jo creator of Life Sorted app shared with me her secrets of organisation for super busy families.

Jo created the app Life Sorted a single app that keeps everything in one place (diary, birthdays, ‘to-dos’, shopping) that everyone in the family can access, update and use on the go. If you would like to find out more about Jo and the app Life Sorted check out her website.
If you want to plan your entire week in just a few minutes each Sunday so that you can actually stay on top of things and not feel like you’re always frantically trying to keep up then grab the simple one-page planner that I use. You will be able to get rid of clutter and feel more organised so that you can start your week off on the right foot.


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