Calm Your Mind & Body in 5 Days

At home with just a mat and blankets using Yin & Nidra Yoga

Just 10 minutes each day, no yoga experience needed, it’s perfect for all ages.

  • One relaxing yin shape shared with you each day.
  • Recorded Nidra Yoga, sleep meditation to help you feel more rested.
  • BONUS Yin Yoga sequence putting all the shapes together.
I'm so glad you're joining me to Calm Your Mind & Body in 5 days. I'm looking forward to sharing with you simple yin yoga shapes and a recorded Nidra Yoga.
Day 1 - Supported Fish
Play Video
Day 2 - Butterfly
Day 3 - Melting Heart
Day 4 - Twisted Roots
Day 5 - Nidra Yoga Meditation Recordings
This Nidra Yoga has background music by
This Nidra Yoga has NO background music
BONUS - Yin Yoga Autumn Sequence

If you’ve loved these Yin shapes & Nidra yoga meditation but you’d like a helping hand to stay consistent with a regular practice.

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A supportive community of like-minded women using Yin Yoga, Nidra meditations and group coaching to feel calmer, stronger & more connected with their mind, body & spirit.
There’s nothing more valuable than your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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