Mums' Revive Retreat

Time for you to relax, reconnect and learn without planning a thing.

Do you keep telling yourself that one day you'll take a weekend off to do something for yourself?

But then you think to yourself, NO I can't because ...

I'd feel too guilty spending that much money on myself.

The house would fall apart if I was gone for a whole weekend.

Who'd look after the kids and run them around all weekend?

The very fact THAT your first thought was worrying about everyone else is exactly why you NEED to get away.

What about a Mums' Revive Retreat two whole nights without you having to plan a thing just relax, reconnect, learn and laugh so that you return home revived?

It's not your fault that you haven't been able to prioritise yourself. A mums entire way of being is focused on making sure everyone else is ok first.

But unless you start to prioritise yourself you will not be able to continue giving to those around you. As the saying goes 'you can't pour from an empty cup.'

Mums’ Revive Retreat is so much more than a girls weekend away…

It’s a weekend without the stress of planning and organisation.

It’s a weekend to relax, reconnect and return home revived.

The benefits of the retreat will stay with you long after you’ve left, filling your cup and equipping you with tools to tackle feeling overwhelmed once you return home.

On the Mums’ Revive Retreat You"ll Get...

If you’re insanely busy but want to slow down for your health.

If you’re stressed and overwhelmed with everything especially around #ISO and need time to rest.  

If you’ve been operating on auto-pilot and need sometime out without the stress of planning a weekend away.

The Mums’ Revive Retreat is for you.

The Mums' Revive Retreat will allow you to completely relax, learn, laugh and connect with others so that you feel revived when you return home just like these other mums who've experienced the retreat.

"Thank YOU Narelle for organising such a wonderful weekend for us Mums!! I'm feeling very relaxed & calm still...It's so true that laughter is the best medicine! I also feel very lucky to have spent a beautiful weekend with such a beautiful bunch of ladies."
Mother of three
"Narelle you've filled my cup! Thank you so much - what a special weekend - my tummy is sore from laughing & my heart is full from the connectedness I felt. xoxoxoxo"
Mother of three
"I haven't stopped raving about the weekend to every Mum I've spoken to today. What an absolute delight to spend the weekend with such beautiful souls. Thanks Narelle x"
Mother of two
"I finally found the courage to give myself permission to take some time out for me. I learned how good it feels to remove myself from the 'daily grind'. Self care will empower me to more easily deal with the daily challenges of having a young family."
Mother of two

When and where is it?

Hi, I’m Narelle. As a PE teacher and wellness coach I know the importance of staying healthy both mentally & physically. It’s only in recent years that I’ve also come to understand the importance of rest through practising and now teaching Yin & Nidra Yoga. I’ve been able to reduce my anxiety and start to heal my mind and body after living in constant stress mode. 

As a working Mum and through my work as a therapist assistant supporting ASD families like my own I know first hand the challenges of carrying the extra load associated with caring for children with additional needs. The extra mental load can start to take a toll on your confidence, self-esteem and health which potentially can lead to stress-related illnesses and burn out.

The Mums’ Revive Retreat is an opportunity to have some respite, time to rest, relax and fill your cup. It’s also time and space for you to reconnect back with you.

When I’m not helping working women implement routines to save them time so they can start to prioritise rest you’ll find me enjoying a good book, cooking, listening to a podcast because I love learning, camping with friends, hiking or enjoying sunny days on a local beach.

What's included?


Why not come with a friend? Twin share accommodation with king single beds. The cheaper twin share bunk beds can also be purchased as a single. There’s also the option of a single room with queen bed.

All linen is provided. The home is located in beautiful Anglesea, close to Point Road Knight beach.

Ideal for exploring the beach and the bush. Huge living areas with open fire place, dining areas, two deck areas and four bathrooms. 

Members only Facebook Community

A members only Facebook community to connect with each other before the weekend. No awkward small talk when you arrive on the weekend because you will feel like you have been friends forever. 

Women connecting over dinner | why-a-retreat | mums-retreat


Healthy, nutritious  meals and snacks are  provided from Friday afternoon till Sunday morning tea. 

They’ll be from local suppliers and Geelong businesses. Wine on arrival on Friday, organic tea and coffee throughout the weekend. We’re happy to accommodate all dietary requirements.

Plenty of free time

There’ll be plenty of opportunity for free time.

You may just like to curl up with a book on one of the decks or in front of the open fireplace.

With the beach right on the doorstep you can take a walk on your own or on a guided beach walk Sunday morning.

Wellness workshops

Two 1 hour wellness workshops to help you look after your health and manage stress taken by Narelle a Wellness Coach for Simply Happy. 

You’ll return home with strategies to help you better cope when life feels overwhelming especially if your carrying the extra load associated with caring for children with additional needs (NDIS payments for Self or Planned Managed Plan available as training for carers). 

Women doing nidra yoga | nidra-yoga| nidra-sleep

Nidra Yoga Session

Relax into the weekend with Nidra yoga a guided sleep-based 30 minute meditation on the Friday. You’ll feel like you’ve slept an extra 2 hours from just this short session.

warm porridge with fruit on top

Nutrition workshops

1 hour nutrition workshop during Sunday breakfast by Maree from Nourishing Life Nutrition to help you prepare high energy, nutritious breakfasts to get through your day.

Yoga Session

Experience the benefits of grounding Kundalini Yoga with Kylie from Kundalini Yoga Geelong and gentle Yin Yoga with Narelle from Simply Happy. It’ll provide complete rest for both your mind and body. No yoga experience required.


Enjoy pampering with a massage by Melanie from Renew Yourself and beauty treatments by Jo Ritchie from The Skin Hub. These will be conducted in house over the retreat weekend (additional cost – $80 for 45 minute massage or beauty treatment). 

Jewellery making

Kristin from Shweshwe Roots will be running resin jewellery making workshop to help you connect back into your creativity. You also have the option of using your own sentimental fabrics (additional cost – includes all materials and the 2hr workshop  $69.95).


Complimentary 4 months access to Mind & Body Online Studio. Weekly Yin Yoga classes online and meditation recordings to help you switch off and calm your mind and body. 

The Mums' Revive Retreat will give you a space to allow you to recharge without the stress of planning and organisation so that you can completely relax.

I know making this decision is going to bring up a lot worries for you. You're not alone so here are some of the most common ones.

It is only natural to feel this way because we are so use to always putting everyone else first.

By taking some time out you are also reconnecting with yourself so you can be the best possible mum you can be.

You’ll learn some strategies to help you cope better as a mum.

Remember a happier mum is more fun to be around.

Give your partner the opportunity to spend quality time with his kids.

I’m sure there will be lots of fun and spoiling over the weekend.

You might even be surprised how well your partner steps up to the job.

If all else fails I will send you a ‘Dad Proof’ checklist to help you feel at ease that everything that needs to be taken care of will be done.

Yin Yoga is a quiet practice that slows down movement and focuses on a spiritual connection with your mind and body.

Yin Yoga involves holding deep poses (shapes) for longer periods of time. A pose may last a minute or 2, or even up to 5 minutes.  By holding shapes your body’s tissues lengthen and release, leaving your muscles feeling as though they have been relaxed or massaged.

This practice can improve your range of motion and help strengthen and heal reoccurring injuries. Yin Yoga can correct habitual posture problems, leaving you balanced and in control. It also releases stress, worry and unease.

The slow movements encourage you to sit with your emotions and learn to accept them. The stillness in Yin Yoga is meditative and restorative. It offers a chance to connect to your mind, body and spirit.

The Yin yoga sessions are perfect for all levels of fitness and abilities. Whether you’re starting out, have an injury or have practiced before I’ll give you options to make sure the practice is safe.

Kundalini Yoga is considered the most comprehensive of yoga traditions, combining physical postures (asanas) with breath control (pranayam), meditation, chanting (mantras) and relaxation.

Kundalini Yoga works on every aspect of the mind, body and spirit. It is a practice for everyone regardless of age, fitness and experience and is one of the fastest working yoga’s connecting you to your potential.

Kundalini Yoga is a safe and effective way to reduce stress and anxiety and bring balance to the body, mind and soul. 

On the Mums’ Revive Retreat you’ll have access to two one hour sessions.

During workshops we’ll unpack how you’ve been feeling, what your biggest health struggle is and how to manage stress. 

You’ll return home with strategies to help you better cope when life feels overwhelming especially if your carrying the extra load associated with caring for children with additional needs (NDIS payments available for Self & Planned Managed Plans under training for carers). 

Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based, conscious GUIDED meditation. The meditation is 20 minutes. I promise it will feel like 10 minutes. Your body sleeps while your mind is awake taking in the guided instructions. It’s complete REST for both your mind and body.

Nidra Yoga is a great way to let your body rest and balance your rest-activity cycle. You get all the benefits of meditation, as well as sleep.

Practicing Yoga Nidra for just 20-minutes is equivalent rest for your body to an extra 2 hours of sleep. Getting to sleep and staying asleep is also improved with a regular Yoga Nidra practice. 

We’re quick to invest in our kids sporting opportunities, even new shoes that they need but when it comes to our own needs we put them last. By prioritising yourself you’re reinforcing to yourself how important you really are.

How long have you been running on empty? You can’t afford to not take up this opportunity to recharge and revive yourself.

You’re investing in your health that will save you money in the future.

There’s an initial deposit of $150.

If you put away a small amount each week you’ll be able to pay the next instalments on the 2nd of each month.

The balance can be paid over monthly payments after the deposit. There’s also the option of weekly or fortnightly payments.

Take the retreat home with you, leave feeling energised and equipped to tackle feeling overwhelmed in your everyday life.

You have been dreaming of this getaway for so long now is the time for you to put yourself first. Lets book your weekend in 2020 at the Mums' Revive Retreat and feel like the Mums who've come over the past two years.

"Thank you so Narelle! It was really hard getting back to reality but wonderful to feel more focused on what's important to me. x"
Mother of two
"I decided to come because it was an opportunity to drop the mental load for a few days. I loved the company and openness through all the activities. I'd recommend it to any tired mothers who want to feel motivated to change or get back on track."
Mother of two
"Thanks Narelle and gorgeous ladies! The weekend was not long enough but returning to such excited and grateful children was nice."
Busy Mums Reboot
Mother of three
"I loved not having to run around after everyone else for the weekend. I learned from the retreat to put myself first sometimes. I need me-time. I recommend it for all Mums!"
Mother of three
"I decided to come on the retreat to rest, relax and learn some organisation tips. I also loved the pampering and having time away."
Mother of three

Retreat Outline


Check in 2pm

2pm-5pm optional massage or beauty therapy (additional cost)

5pm Nidra Yoga session

6pm unwind with local produce antipasto board, a glass of wine and meet all the other women

8pm beautiful two course vegetarian dinner


8.30am-9.30am breakfast is available for an hour. A selection of fresh fruits, muesli, yoghurt and local bakery goods that you can help yourself to.

9.30am Yin Yoga & Kundalini Yoga session

10.30am Wellness Workshop “Manage the juggle with strategies to simplify your week so that you can work smarter not harder.”

11.30am morning tea

12pm free time

12pm -5pm optional massage, beauty therapy and jewellery making (additional cost)

1.30pm lunch locally prepared home made soup and selection of breads

6pm unwind with local produce antipasto board and a glass of wine

8pm beautiful two course vegetarian dinner


Sleep in or go for a guided beach walk

9am-10am breakfast and 1 hour Nutrition Workshop 

10am Wellness Workshop “How to help you incorporate self care and rest into your life.” 

11am morning tea

12pm check out

I encourage you to take the opportunity to take some time for yourself to enjoy lunch before your return home.

You've been operating on auto-pilot for far too long. Unless you start to prioritise yourself you will not be able to continue to give to those around you. Life will carry on as it is unless you take a break, relax and start giving back to yourself.

Finish 2020 with a treat

Friday December 4th December until Sunday 6th December 2020



Treat yourself with a retreat in 2021. Time for you to relax, reconnect and learn without planning a thing.

By the beach in stunning Point Road Knight, Victoria (near Anglesea)

Accommodation, all meals, drinks, activities, yoga, wellness and nutrition workshops are included.

Complimentary access to Mind & Body Online Studio - online yin yoga & meditation classes.

YOU PAY ONLY $150 DEPOSIT and nominated instalment options

Single room with bunk beds - $515 per person

Twin share room with king single beds $525 per person

Single rooms with queen bed $545

To be notified of 2021 retreat dates place your details below

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