Yin Yoga

Helping you to declutter your mind
and home.

Do you keep telling yourself you'll try yoga to manage your stress, boost your mood or improve your sleep?

But then you think to yourself, NO I can't because ...

I'm not flexible enough.

I can't sit still and relax.

I've never been very good at exercise.

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What about slow and soothing, Yin Yoga class that anyone can do, no yoga experience is required?

Yin Yoga is for EVERYONE.

Whether you're just starting out or experienced in yoga you'll have access to bolsters, blankets and blocks for support in all the shapes.

The guided instructions will give you an anchor to help to slow both your mind and body so that you can relax.

Yin yoga shapes are relaxing and held for a longer period of time so you won't be working up a sweat.

Instant access to a bundle of recorded online Yin & Nidra Yoga classes

This class is designed for you if you're ...

Benefits of Yin & Nidra Yoga:

Reduce Stress

Reduce the stress hormone cortisol in your nervous system so that you feel calmer. Start to heal your body & mind after living in constant stress mode.

Regulate Rest

Regulate your rest-activity cycle so that you feel less exhausted.

Reduce Overthinking

Slow down your thoughts and overthinking so that you can tune back into your intuition and be more present each day.

Body Temperature

Regulate your core body temperature that helps with autoimmune diseases and allergies.

Increase Serotonin

Regulate appetite, digestion, sleep, mood and memory by increasing the hormone serotonin in your body.


Start to heal your body & mind after living in constant stress mode.

What the class looks like...

Yin Yoga will help you slow down and sleep better just like these other women.

Hi, I’m Narelle, a Professional Organiser and Yoga instructor. I help individuals and families with additional needs or organisational challenges to implement simple organisational strategies so that they can create a clutter-free, safe and functional home. As a mum formally identified as autistic and through my work supporting other neurodivergent families and children like my own I know first hand the challenges.

When I’m not helping families implement organisational strategies you’ll find me enjoying a good book, cooking, listening to a podcast because I love learning, camping, walking, doing yoga or enjoying sunny days on a local beach.

Here are some of the most common concerns that people have about trying yoga.

The Yin yoga sessions are perfect for all levels of fitness and abilities. Whether you’re starting out, have an injury or have practiced before I’ll give you options to make sure the practice is safe.

When you start I’ll give you online access to 5 basic Yin Shapes to help you understand the basics of Yin yoga. 

Yin Yoga is a quiet practice that slows down movement and focuses on a spiritual connection with your mind and body.

Yin Yoga involves holding deep poses (shapes) for longer periods of time. A pose may last a minute or 2, or even up to 5 minutes.  By holding shapes your body’s tissues lengthen and release, leaving your muscles feeling as though they have been relaxed or massaged.

This practice can improve your range of motion and help strengthen and heal reoccurring injuries. Yin Yoga can correct habitual posture problems, leaving you balanced and in control. It also releases stress, worry and unease.

The slow movements encourage you to sit with your emotions and be curious about them rather than judging. The stillness in Yin Yoga is meditative and restorative. It offers a chance to connect to your mind, body and spirit.

Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based, conscious GUIDED meditation. The recordings are 20 minutes. I promise it will feel like 10 minutes. Your body sleeps while your mind is awake taking in the guided instructions. It’s complete REST for both your mind and body.

Nidra Yoga is a great way to let your body rest and balance your rest-activity cycle. You get all the benefits of meditation, as well as sleep.

Practicing Yoga Nidra for just 20-minutes is equivalent rest for your body to an extra 2 hours of sleep. Getting to sleep and staying asleep is also improved with a regular Yoga Nidra practice. 

There are other short meditations that will help you build mindfulness into your day.

The body benefits from movement & the mind benefits from stillness.

Online Bundle of recorded
Yin & Nidra Yoga classes

$35 AUS

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