What twenty things make you happy?

What twenty things make you happy? | What are twenty things that make you happy? | https://simplyhappy.com.au/what-twenty-things-make-you-happy/
What twenty things make you happy? If you can focus on just two of these things each day you will feel more confident, motivated and recharge to give to those around you. Happiness is directly linked to your confidence and ability to love yourself. If you feel confident you will trust your own judgement and ask for help when you need it.

What twenty things make you happy?

Use the following questions to help you come up with your own list of things that make you happy. It is so important to incorporate them into your daily life for your own wellbeing and overall health.
What makes you smile?
When was the last time you laughed?
Do you enjoy reading or writing?
Are you a creative person?
Does singing or music light you up?
What type of movement do you like to do?
Are there new things you love to learn?
Have you got hobbies or interests?
What would you love to do?
Teya is a self-love coach for And So She Thought. She shared with me her tips for encouraging mums to feel more confident and love themselves. She also shared some of the twenty things that make her happy. If you would like to find out more about Teya and read her blog that explores intuition, self-love, mindset, and motherhood then click here.
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