Therapist Assistant

Supporting families and children on the Autism Spectrum with organisational challenges.

Are you feeling overwhelmed or struggle to put strategies in place recommended by therapists?

The emotional and physical requirements of a child or children with additional needs can be very demanding.

As a therapist assistant I'll help you to put organisational strategies in place to help build independence and skills.

If you’re needing help setting up routines for your children to follow…

If you’re needing to declutter an area to make it more functional…

If you’re needing systems at home to help your child become more independent…

If you’re needing organisational systems around study and school work…

As a Therapist Assistant I can help you.

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So, how can I help you:

My name is Narelle, I’m a wellness and organisational coach and Yin & Nidra Yoga instructor for working mums who need help prioritising rest. I’ve been supporting families and children on the Autism Spectrum with organisational challenges as a Therapist Assistant. I help tailor organisational strategies to build independence and skills so they can achieve their NDIA plan goals.

I’m also an accomplished  teacher with more than twenty years of experience in both Secondary and Primary Educational settings. I understand the classroom and how to implement accommodations and modifications suggested by allied health professionals while working with educational supports. 

As a mum of two primary school-aged children, one who was diagnosed with Autism I understand the stress of carrying the extra load associated with caring for children with additional needs. My organisational skills have helped us implement strategies from our allied health professionals to better support my son’s needs.

Please feel free to contact me or 0432 401 080 for more details about how I can support you and your family.

Funding is flexible between the following areas of a self-managed or planned managed NDIS Plan.

The program is invoiced at the maximum NDIS rate for Therapist Assistant Level 2 ($86 per hour).