How to organise your life: from an organised mum

Organizing may not be everyone’s favourite thing… Lucky for you, I love it, and I’ve got some easy tips to share! 

I’ve always been a really organized person. Even when I was a child sharing a room with two sisters, I loved to find a way to organise. Throughout my school and university life, I discovered my organised habits helped reduced anxiety. By being organised, I’ve been able to maximise my productivity and achieve more with my time at work and at home with family. 
Sound like a distant dream? Even if being organized isn’t your natural way of being, everyone is able to adopt a habit to be more organised. You just have to be willing to learn and practice! 
Try some of these easy organisation habits to:

Organise your life

1. Write things down 

Don’t just leave it up to your brain to remember! Allow your brain to create ideas, not store them all your to-do-lists. Writing down shopping lists, birthdays, holidays, events, appointments etc and keeping them in a convenient place means they won’t be forgotten. Organisation also eliminates decision making, making planning your week a whole lot easier. 

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2. Create family routines

Routines simplify your weekly routines and help you share the load. Like writing things down, creating a routine reduces the stress and fatigue of decision making. Work commitments, school drop-offs and after school activities are obvious examples of weekly family routines. Try thinking about other areas of your week you could develop into a routine- like chores, errands, fitness or socializing. You’ll save time and energy while increasing productivity. Check out 9 common mistakes people make when trying to create a new routine.

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3. Everything has a home

It’s easy to get lost if you don’t have a home. Same goes for all your things! Every single thing in your home or office belongs somewhere. Organising a system for your belongings eliminates the stress of losing important things and the discomfort of living in a messy place. Try decluttering and simplifying your home to get the organising process started.

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4. Weekly planning

Organising isn’t a one-time event. It takes maintenance to live an organised lifestyle. Find a time every week to organise and plan- even add it to your weekly routine! Every week I organise my calendar into our Lifesorted app and the family command centre so we are all on the same page at the beginning of the week. Stuff does not stay organised on its own; it needs to be reorganized consistently.

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5. Keep only what I need

There’s nothing organised about clutter. By having fewer things, you can enjoy those things more. Isn’t it better to feel good about the things you own and use, rather than let things just sit and gather dust? It can be a long and overwhelming task to declutter your whole home. Instead, practising decluttering regularly makes it more manageable. 

Try a little experiment: before buying one thing, throw out something old or something you don’t use. Need something more drastic? Throw out one old thing a day until you can’t find any more items to throw. Do that for a month and I guarantee you’ll have less clutter in your life!

6. Share the load

Organizing your life is a whole lot easier when you’re around other organised people! Don’t just take on your families organizing on your own, work together to have a more organised home. By teaching your kids to be more organised, you’ll save yourself from picking up after them every day. Practice delegating tasks from your to-do-list to your spouse and kids, or create a list of responsibilities for each member of the family. Stick with it and review the list with them every week to make sure everything gets done.

Remember, a new habit takes time! Keep at it and you’ll notice results. Which habit do you think would most benefit your life? Let me know in the comments below.

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How decluttering and simplifying can help you create more time

How decluttering and simplifying can help you create more time | Decluttering and simplifying can help you to get organised so that you create more time and feel like you have a few more hours in your week. |

Decluttering and simplifying are both buzz words at the moment. They help you to get organised so that you create more time and feel like you have a few more hours in your week. When everything has it’s own place there’s less chance of things going missing. You’ll waste no more time or energy searching and looking for things. No busy mum has the time or patience for missing shoes, keys or permission forms.

There are so many other benefits from decluttering and simplifying your home. Living in disorganised chaos can affect your mental and physical energy.  When you move things in your cardboards you move energy in your home and in your body. You’ll feel motivated and make space for new opportunities. To help keep everything in a place you need simple systems. I’m sharing three of my favourites systems.

Lost Property Boxes

We have a box for each child in our laundry. I throw in items I find laying around the house including shoes, toys and school work. When washing needs to be folded we use the boxes to store all the clean laundry. They’ve been really useful for keeping things neat. They’ve also saved everyone time. The kids go to their box when they are looking for something. I just go to one place to put their things away now. I’ve even used a lost property box in the classroom when teaching to help manage my time.

How decluttering and simplifying can help you create more time | Decluttering and simplifying can help you to get organised so that you create more time and feel like you have a few more hours in your week. |

Designate a ‘Drop Zone’

A drop zone is somewhere in your home where you drop everything when you come into your house. We have a ‘drop zone’ in our kitchen pantry and a small desk in the kitchen. Another great place is near the front door. We place our keys, phones, wallets or bags in the pantry as soon as we walk in the door. There are also powerpoints to make it easy to charge our phones and other items. In the pantry, we also have a place for bills and prescriptions. On the small desk, we have a box for mail that has been actioned. We have a tray on top for mail when it first comes in. By having a designated spot for incoming mail, you’ll be able to cut down on mail clutter elsewhere in your house or like most houses on the kitchen bench or table. By reducing visual clutter your brain will be so much happier and you will feel calmer. There’s also less stress and more time because there are no more frantic calls for help “Where are my keys?” or searching through yesterdays clothes or retracing your steps when you last saw your phone.

How decluttering and simplifying can help you create more time | Decluttering and simplifying can help you to get organised so that you create more time and feel like you have a few more hours in your week. |

Go-to Drawer for Essentials

We have a top drawer that is the go-to drawer for things we use all the time. You could also use a box in an easy-to-access space for your essential items. Within the drawer or box group similar items together in a small container or tray. Things we have in our go-to drawer are a few pens, highlighter, black texta, scissors, sticky tape, stapler, sticky notes, tape measure, bandaids, calendula cream for bites and scratches, sunscreen, tissues and affirmation cards. Make a list of all the things that you regularly use. Also, think about the items your family ask for all the time to help create your go-to drawer or box.

I hope the simple systems help you create more space in your calendar, reduce stress so that you can actually have time for the things that YOU want to do.

If you enjoyed these decluttering and simplifying tips but are feeling like there’s never enough hours in the day to implement them. You’re always wishing you could just have a bit more time. If you want to feel more in control of your to-do list and less exhausted then download 8 Simple Steps to UNBUSY Yourself and share the load WITHOUT letting anyone down.

Which simple system would you like to start using with your family? Let me know in the comment below.