Simple tips to help kids to cooperate

Simple tips to help kids to cooperate |As the parent of two children and a primary school teacher, I have discovered some simple tips to help kids to cooperate with me. |…ids-to-cooperate/

As the parent of two children and a primary school teacher, I have discovered some simple tips to help kids to cooperate with me. I often feel frustrated and ask myself, “Why won’t he just cooperate?” If you have kids, I know you understand.

There are several mornings a week when I’m in a rush to get to work and I just want my son to get ready for school without me getting frustrated and yelling. What has been happening in our house lately though is that as soon as I get attached to things going a certain way, my son refuses to follow the plan.

I wonder why?

Here are some simple tips to help your kids to cooperate.

  1. Kids love fun!

Kids just love to explore, create and experience new things and most of all have fun. My priorities don’t really match my son’s priorities. Brushing teeth, get shoes on and helping pack a lunchbox are low on his priorities. Playing with beyblades, now that sounds more fun! What I remind myself now is that I can’t control my kids; the only thing I can control is the environment and myself.

  1. Kids love being in charge

As a parent and a teacher when I allow them to be in charge they want to cooperate more. This teaches them to think for themselves and act appropriately. It helps to build life skills and also reduces power struggles. Through inviting cooperation from my kids I am boosting their sense of significance. I need to remember to invite cooperation rather than demanding it. “What are you going to do first today, eat breakfast or get dress?”

  1. Kids love being responsible

Kids love being responsible and being independent from a young age. Both my kids love doing jobs around the house but, only when they are in the driver seat and deciding on which job to complete first. I have developed a ‘My Jobs’ checklist for my kids to follow in the morning. It has stopping me nagging my kids to get ready for school. Now, the only thing I say in the morning is, “Have you completed all the jobs on your list?” I had to show my kids how to do the jobs to begin with. They can’t be packing their lunchbox or making their bed if they haven’t been shown. They are both more likely to continue doing their jobs when I encourage their attempts. Finally, I avoid criticizing them, my new mantra it is better done then perfect.

I am sure you have heard all this before and it is simply a reminder of what you already know works best.

Click HERE for your copy of the kid friendly ‘My Jobs’ checklist.

I have also created a Kids Airtasker to outsource extra jobs that pop up throughout the week.  Your kids will love earning extra money and you will feel less overwhelmed having some extra help to get things done. Grab your copy HERE.

If you have any stories to share or questions about these simple tips to help kids cooperate then please leave a comment.

For more cooperation ideas for your kids I highly recommend reading ‘The Me, Me, Me Epidemic’ By Amy McCready.

Finally, why not join my Simply Happy Mums Facebook group for more simple tips for busy mums.


2 thoughts on “Simple tips to help kids to cooperate”

  1. This works wonders on my household. Back to the basics!!!
    I set my oven timer in instalments. I might give 30 minutes to eat breakfast, it’s s long timeframe, but lm in the kitchen doing lunches, dishes ect & the kids want to be with me. They are very chatty of a morning. I will te set the time for 15 minutes to get dressed and another 15 minutes for any loose ends. That’s a total of an hour then off we go. If they get up earlier then they have their own time to play. It works a treat for time management with minimal nagging.

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