Reduce the sensory overload in your family

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Would you like to reduce the sensory overload in your family? The audio and visual clutter in our lives is creating sensory overload for ourselves and our children.  Allison Davies shares with me some simple strategies that we can use in our schools and at home to reduce sensory overload. 

Allison Davies – Creating happy brains

Allison teaches parents and teachers about children’s brains, emotions & sensory needs. Armed with this information we can help them to function at their best and support our children to thrive. 
If you would like to find out more about Allison check out her website. She has an extensive resource library and some wonderful vlog posts.

Do you want help to implement a step-by-step plan?

A planner is a simple strategy that every busy mum could use in their life to help with organisation. I have created a Simply Happy Planner to help mums get things done.

Want to stop thinking and start doing?

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