Fun and engaging activities for kids during self-isolation without technology

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Are you running out of ideas to keep your kids entertained without technology in isolation? COVID-19 has been a huge obstacle for all of us as the demands of home life have increased. You have to provide, entertain, educate and try and maintain some normality through all the craziness. It can be a lot to deal with, but we’re all in this together!

As a mum, teacher and small business owner I understand the juggle. It’s hard to keep your kids entertained in isolation while trying to get some work done yourself. Let’s be honest, activities provided by teachers to learn at home will only keep them busy for part of the day. So what about the rest of the time?

Technology like phones, TV and computers can be useful for distraction, but what if you could keep the kids entertained without relying on screens? Technology-free activities can be much more fun, engaging and sociable. They help to break up the day and provide intellectual stimulation. 

We don’t know how long this isolation will continue. Maintaining engaging activities might just be the thing that makes isolation that little bit more manageable for your family. Try these activities from local businesses to mix up your isolation routine:

Literacy & Numeracy

‘Busy Hands’ create playdough kits designed to help with language development, imagination and play. It’s run by sisters and mum Amy and Kate, who have backgrounds in Early Childhood and Primary Education. They’ve used their expertise to create fun and innovative playdough kits to keep kids entertained. It’s all home-made and the kits come in a sturdy container that’s easy to set up and pack up. Check it out HERE.

What’s more entertaining than a good book? Melissa Gijsbers is an author, speaker and book lover. Her beautiful book ‘Swallow Me, NOW!’ tells the story of how Sam overcomes the bullies and builds her confidence to find some new friends. It’s the perfect book for 3-6-year-olds. Melissa’s website also has free resources that can be used with the book. Find out more HERE.

Swallow me now book | learning-at-home | CODVID19

Got a printer? Maria from Little Printables creates fun and engaging activities that are ready for you to print. There are prints for games, learning and arts and crafts at an affordable price. I’ve used her printables with my own children and as a teacher. She has a huge range of activities to select from and lots of different themes. Grab her printables HERE.

Little Printables matching activity | self-isolation | learning-at-home

Get creative

Think back to all those fun science experiments you did as a child. Science teaches your kids about the world around them. It’s fascinating, fun and easy to do at home! Try making your own play dough, kinetic sand, slime or bath bombs. Your kids will love making and using them afterwards. There are more science ideas HERE, or you can download my Bath Bliss Activity Booklet HERE with 10 fun-filled pages that teach your kids about the world of science.

Bath Bliss Activity Booklet | kids-activities | distant-learning

Science experiments can get messy, but there’s plenty of other creative activities to try. Steph from Stlyla has created an interactive printable kids activity craft pack. You can download up to 17 activities from colouring, cutting, pasting, puzzles and creating. Because you buy them online, you can print them off and use them over and over. It’s great value for money and a real hit with the kids. Check out her printable books HERE.

Rebecca from ‘Little Dream Catcher’ wants to help you keep the vibes high during these challenging times. She’s offering a set of 30 FREE fun worksheets that she’s created. Little Dream Catcher also has a beautiful gratitude journal, and my kids favourite the Moon Kit worksheet with prompts to release or manifest more. There are some great things to try on the site, and you can grab the FREE fun worksheets HERE.

Get in touch with emotions

It’s been a tough time for all of us this year, including the kids. Having activities to support their mental health is a great idea during isolation. Kasey, an Australian registered psychologist, has created a fun and uplifting activity to help kids recognise how their own special superpowers (character strengths) to help them deal with any stress, anxiety, and boredom that they may be feeling during the pandemic. The best thing is it’s absolutely FREE! While it’s best suited for children in the mid-primary school years, it could be adapted for the littlies or older children too. Grab your FREE copy HERE.

Your Strengths Superheros PDF | kids-activities | distant-learning

Hopefully, there are a few ideas that might work for your family. Do you have any other ideas for home activities that have worked well during isolation? Share them with me or other mums! I’d love to hear them. Keep up the good work and remember to support one another during these tricky times 🙂 

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