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What is the secret to getting things done? The secret is planning. The key to getting organised for a recent trip to Bali was organisation. I felt less overwhelmed and stressed. Putting the things to do on paper helped my brain to focus on the important things rather than trying to remember my ‘to do list’.

I used the Simply Happy Planner to list the projects for our holiday to Bali, booking accommodation, packing our bags and things too do before we left. Then, I listed all the tasks that needed to be completed including, the ones that would take me under 2 minutes. I was able to stay calm before we left knowing that everything I needed to do was on paper and not in my head.

Why Plan?

Mums who plan are able to enjoy the important things in life, like time with their family.

They feel less overwhelmed as the clutter that is paralysing their days is gone.

It makes it easier for mums to get started on those pesky projects that tend to pile up or that they have been thinking about for months or even years.

Secret way to getting things done |What is the secret way to move from “just thinking about it” to actually getting it done? |…lly-getting-done/

Getting Things Done 

A planner is a simple strategy that every busy mum could use in their life to help with organisation. I have created a Simply Happy Planner to help mums with getting things done.

Want to take action in your life NOW?

Grab your FREE copy of the Simply Happy Planner to relieve clutter paralysing your day and start to enjoy the important things in life.…lly-getting-done/

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