As a Wellness Coach I can support you to manage the juggle and find some time for yourself just like other mums I have worked with.

'I had coaching sessions with Narelle during a period of time when I was feeling very overwhelmed with life as a mum of 3 young girls. Narelle helped me figure out what I needed to be doing each week. My life is now more manageable. Narelle also helped me to look at my issues from a different perspective which helped me to figure out more suitable solutions. When life becomes overwhelming now I am better at getting back to a sense of calm.'
Mother of 3
'Narelle is an understanding, caring and lovely person. She really helped me focus on the things in my life that I needed to improve and realise the things that I was actually already doing were helping me in my daily life. I now have more time to spend with my family, more time to be active and organised, and am sleeping better than I have in years. She listens without judgement and guides you gently towards a life you can enjoy. I highly recommend Narelle for any busy working Mum, or anyone that needs to find time in their busy schedule for themselves. Thank you Narelle.'
Mother of 2
'I am a mum of 2 primary school age children and also assist my husband in running our electrical business. Before starting coaching with Narelle I was finding it hard to make time for myself. Wellness Coaching sounded like a positive approach to life and living. The most important thing I’ve learned through coaching is that I need to make time for myself. The thing I loved most about my coaching sessions was that there was no right or wrong, it’s what's important to me, also Narelle is very understanding. Since my coaching sessions I am more positive towards myself. I would recommend wellness coaching to any busy working mum, who is also managing their own or a family business. Thank you Narelle'
Mother 2
'I've been a stay at home mum for 11 years and just returned to work. Although I've loved every minute of this precious time with my children, after returning to work I had even less time for me. I started working with Narelle, to find some balance in my life. She helped me find the time to manage the juggle and make time for myself. In a few months, I was happier and more motivated than I'd been in a long time. I'm now learning a new language, exercising more and having more date nights with my husband. I'm simply happy. Thank you, Narelle!'
Mother of 3
I am a busy mum of a toddler with another baby on the way, juggling a new business, running a household and trying to find time to attend to all the other challenges and commitments of life. I wanted to have more time to enjoy my family and to also find some time for myself. I came to realise through Wellness Coaching that the list of jobs on my to-do list will never end, so it’s important to take a timeout for my wellbeing. Narelle was so easy to talk to and prompted me with questions. Since our sessions, I have been able to set aside time to focus on my family and myself. I recommend coaching any mums that feel they are overwhelmed or are struggling to find the time to do the things that they love. Life is busy, it always will be but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some down-time.
Mother of 2

With a background in Health Education I can deliver informative and engaging workshops to parents, teachers, workplaces and students on a range of health and wellness topics.

'Narelle is naturally engaging, and generated healthy discussion within the work group. Narelle’s tailored session provided valuable techniques for managing stress, nutrition, and effectively looking after oneself. The feedback from staff has been extremely positive, and we look forward to working with Narelle again in the future.'
Office of Chief Digital Officer, eSolutions
'I came to the Calm the Chaos Workshop because my life is so busy, I feel overwhelmed with the juggle and wanted some strategies. I enjoyed hearing other working mums similar issues.'
Calm the Chaos Workshop
'I wanted to make life easier for the whole family and less chaotic so I went to the Calm the Chaos Workshop. I enjoyed the ideas and suggestions to improve things with my family.'
Calm the Chaos Workshop
'The ice breaker at the start of the workshop was a great way to create a relaxed environment which encouraged sharing of information.'
Essential Oils Workshop
'I wanted tips to stop procrastinating in my life. I learned how important planning is. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.'
Effective Work Habits Workshop
'I enjoyed the informal chat and being able to participate. I learned some strategies to help me change.'
Work Life Balance Workshop
'I learned that there are many processes to go through to make a change. I'm more aware of when I need a break and the impact on my wellness.'
Manage the Juggle Retreat Workshop
'I learned that self care will empower me to more easily deal with the daily challenges of having a young family.'
Manage the Juggle Retreat Workshop

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