How your family can benefit from you taking some time out

Do you ever just want to run away by yourself, no kids for a day or two? I’m sure you’d love to sleep in, wake up read a book and have the whole day to do something for yourself. Maybe you’d just love to sleep in a bed all by yourself. No one crawling in during the night and taking up half the space. You just need some time out from mum life.

I know what you’re saying, ‘how could I leave the kids behind? I’d feel so guilty’. Here’s something you might not realize, a mum’s entire way of being is to focus on making sure everyone else is okay first. But unless you start to slow down and prioritize yourself, take some time out, you’ll burn out and not be able to support those around you.

I’m going to share with you how the whole family can benefit from you taking some time out.

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Positive role model

When you’re good to yourself, you show people how to respect and care for themselves too. It tells others that you’ve worked hard and deserve a break. It’s that the type of influence you’d like in your family?

Self-care is a very important skill to both learn, and pass on to your kids. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re teaching your kids to be selfish or lazy! Taking time for yourself isn’t selfish or lazy at all. In fact, it’s the opposite. Taking that bit of time for you makes getting on with the tasks of week SO much easier. It can help everything slow down and appear much more manageable.

Being able to know when to take time out can help you be a great role model for your kids. Show your kids it’s OK to take time for yourself! You can demonstrate how to put yourself first sometimes, while still managing to keep up with all the essentials. This will help show your kids how important you are and that you deserve your own time to unwind.

Change in routine is as good as a holiday

You don’t need to fly to an exotic island or an expensive destination to have a holiday. Changing up your routine and finding that time for self-care is just as good as a holiday, maybe even better! By changing up a few things and increasing your ‘me time’, you’re giving yourself a break LONG-TERM, not just a short-term holiday. 

Not only you, but your kids will enjoy the change in routine. And as for your partner? Well, we all know ‘dads are more fun’. Changing the routine could give your partner an opportunity for some new responsibility. This can strengthen the family dynamic and ensure everyone gets the chance for responsibility AND relaxation. Mum’s can be fun too you know! How your family can benefit from you taking some time out

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A relaxed Mum is more fun to be around

How much happier do you feel after a night of uninterrupted sleep? Or a long hot bath? Or even a great workout? That release of tension will provide huge benefits to your mental health and self-worth, but it’s not just you that will benefit.

A happier mum usually means a happier family. Do you know how stress can be contagious? Well, thankfully, so is relaxation. When you’re relaxed, people feel much happier when they’re around you. Imagine a calmer house where everyone is just that little bit more relaxed. How amazing would that feel?

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Mum’s take on a lot of demanding duties. It’s OK to let others help with some responsibilities or to take some ‘me time’ regularly. When you prioritize yourself you’re saying ‘yes, I’m just as important as everyone else’. Your family will notice the change and enjoy some of the benefits too. Don’t for a second think that taking some time away means letting anyone down! Take a minute, put your feet up, kick back, and enjoy!

I hope these reasons for taking some time out minus the guilt will help you to prioritize a day or weekend for yourself so that everyone in your family can also benefit.

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