The number 1 reason why mums need self-care

The number 1 reason why mums need self-care | Mums are constantly putting their needs after everyone else’s because they feel guilty. |

Mums are constantly putting their needs after everyone else’s because they feel guilty. This is the number 1 reason I hear from mums every day as a wellness coach. It is understandable why some many mums find it challenging to put themselves first and make time for self-care. Guilt is not a nice feeling. To deal with guilt we avoid things that cause it. No wonder so many mums struggle to incorporate self-care.

Why mums need self-care

You’ll feel calmer and more energized.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with a to-do list as long as their arm your body goes into fight or flight mode which affects your health. You can’t think straight, your immune system shuts down, and your digestive system stops absorbing the nutrients it needs. If you can incorporate movement, mindfulness or gratitude into your day you will decrease the feeling of stress and have more energy.

Your mood flows onto the whole family.

Mums are the centre of most families if you are feeling happy then everyone around you will also. Happiness is contagious.

A happier, less stressed mum is more fun to be around.

You really can’t be present with your kids or enjoy time with them if you are rushing and juggling too many things.

You’re able to give again to those around you.

Mums are constantly giving their time, energy, and patience. It’s just not possible to continually keep giving. Eventually, that feeling of frustration and of being overwhelmed can push you to snap!

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A great role model.

When kids see you prioritising yourself they’ll start to do the same. If you’re always giving you’re telling your kids that to love someone you need to sacrifice yourself and your wellbeing.

As a wellness coach and a mum to two kids, one who is autistic I know the importance of putting yourself first. I work with mums all the time that feel overwhelmed by having so much on their plate. I help them deal with the challenges and still be the best version of themselves. I’ve designed the Mums’ Revive Retreat & Mums’ Mini-Retreat so that you can start to put yourself first. Click here to find out more.

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