Mums' Coaching Circle

Does your day consist of rushing around feeling like everything is half done?

Do you feel like you never have the time, and even if you did…where would you start to get organised?

As a mum, you’re often last on the priority list.

You’d love to look after yourself better,

start exercising,

meal plan more nutritious healthy meals,

or just find time for yourself to read a book sometime.

There’s always way too many things competing for your time and attention.

But here’s the thing…

If you don’t put on your OWN oxygen mask, you can’t possibly look after everyone else.

Or maybe you can for a little while….

But eventually, something's gotta give ... usually your sanity.

What if you had support, connection and accountability with a circle of women who truly understand the toll that mum life can take so that you can start to put in place some simple changes?

It's one thing to know how to prepare healthy meals, start a new exercise program or start to actually put yourself FIRST for a change... but it is another thing to actually DO IT.

Believe me, I know what it’s like juggling work, home, kids commitments and feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Rewind 5 years ago and I was constantly yelling and snapping at my kids, turning up to appointments on a wrong day and falling on the couch at the end of the day completely exhausted. I’d managed to get into a cycle of measuring my self-worth and value from how much I could get done for everyone else.

I started by making small and simple changes so I’d feel more  organised and have more energy. Now, I feel less overwhelmed and more present with my family. I value myself through who I’m BEING rather than what I’m DOING. Since my son’s Autism diagnosis I’ve also had to make sure my cup is full to be able to support him and my family.

Now, I help other working mums feel more organised to support their health, so that they can continue to hold space for those around them. 

A Mums' Coaching Circle will provide you with a listening ear and guidance to make the health changes you've been wanting to do just like these mum.

"Thank you for sharing your guidance, insights and a listening ear during the coaching session. I've enjoyed them."
Mother of 3
"I found it useful to identify the challenges I might come up against with my goals and have some strategies ready to use".
Mother of 3

Finding time is a struggle for so many mums. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to create space in your calendar so that you can do the things you’ve been talking about like … planning more nutritious meals or starting an exercise program.

To make the changes you want in your life you need support, accountability and CONNECTION.  If you want your very own team, cheer leading you and there for you when you need some encouragement then I invite you to join the next Mums’ Coaching Circle. A circle of women who truly understand the toll that mum life can take. 

Over 8 weeks you’ll have 4 group coaching calls to help you figure out what’s important to you,  what needs to change in your life and how to make that happen. 

Mums' Coaching Circle is for you if you're:

  • stressed and feel overwhelmed with the juggle as a working mum.
  • insanely busy and want to slow down.
  • overthinking your to-do list and feel anxious that it is never going to be completed.
  • constantly feel disorganised and need help to get organised.
  • want to take time out for yourself but struggle with feeling guilty.

A Mums' Coaching Circle will provide you with support to make changes even if you're not sure where to start like these other mums.

"The support and insight has helped me move forward in a positive direction. I learned the importance of breaking down my bigger goals into more achievable ones and how to celebrate even the smallest achievements. I loved being able to discuss my challenges and wishes in a non-judgemental and supportive environment that helped me gain clarity. A coaching circle is for any mum who feels the need to make changes in their life but isn't sure where to start."
Mother of 2
"Learning how to make really small, incremental changes has taught me not to expect huge, sudden changes in my life allowing me to release a lot of self-imposed pressure and expectations. Having the time set aside with a coach and supportive mums each fortnight was so motivating and helped me focus on a goal."
Mother of 2

During the Mums' Coaching Circle you'll:

  • Unpack what you’ve got on your plate, how it’s making you feel and what you want change.
  • Discover routine switches for your family that will give you more time.
  • Work out a plan to get your family on board so that their needs are met, but NOT at the expense of your own.
  • Have a group of like-minded women to connect with who ‘get it’ and can support you when you need it.
  • Have a loving coach who'll ask the right questions to guide and support you to make the changes you've been talking about.
  • Accountability to help you make the changes YOU NEED, so that you no longer feel in that manic overwhelmed state.
Simply Happy Wellness Coaching | Simply Happy Wellness Coaching can help boost energy |

At the end of the Mums' Coaching Circle you'll:

  • Implement new ways to make your life simpler and easier.
  • Feel more in control of your to-do list so that you’ll have time for the things you’d like to do.
  • Feel calmer and more in control of your life so that you’re able to enjoy time with your family.
  • Feel organised and less exhausted so that you're more present with your family.

I know making this decision is going to bring up a lot worries for you. You're not alone so here are some of the most common ones.

This all sounds great but, how would I make time for another thing in my life?

  • How often do you say NO to things because you don't have time? One of the first things you get before the coaching starts is a personalised one-on-one call. On that call you'll work out where you're spending most of your time and how to create more space in your calendar.
  • This is all about creating some time for YOU without letting anyone else down.
  • To be able to start a shared family calendar or weekly meal plan or start an exercise routine you need space and time out from the daily juggle. These group coaching sessions will give you that space.
  • The sessions are held in the evening at 8pm using ZOOM. They'll be recorded if you are unable to make it.

How do I not feel selfish about doing something for myself?

  • It's only natural to feel this way because we are so use to always putting everyone else first.
  • By taking some time out you are also reconnecting with yourself so you can be the best possible mum you can be.
  • You'll learn some strategies to help you get organised so that your working smarter not harder.
  • You'll be implementing strategies that will impact the whole family. Remember a happier mum is more fun to be around.

How can I afford it?

  • We are quick to invest in our kids sporting opportunities even new shoes that they need but when it comes to our own needs we put them last. By prioritising yourself you are reinforcing to your kids how important you really are.
  • How long have you been prioritising everyone else? You can't afford to not take up this opportunity to create space for you in your life to do the things you've been talking about.
  • Initial $80 deposit and payment of $70 over 2 instalments instead of all upfront.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If after the first two group calls you don’t feel that Mums’ Coaching Circle hasn’t made a positive impact on your life than I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee.
You’ll need to email me letting me know that you’re not satisfied and submit your completed Happiness Journal from the first two calls.

If you want support, connection and accountability, with a circle of women who truly understand the toll that mum life can take, I invite you to join our Mums' Coaching Circle.

Starting Group Coaching calls start Wednesday October 30th.

Let's do this together.

Join the Coaching Circle Waitlist.

Who's the Wellness Coach?

Hi, I’m Narelle a Wellness Coach for Simply Happy. I’m also a busy mum to two children with a background in Education.

I help working mums who are always on the go, but the constant juggle of work, and family commitments are leaving them exhausted and taking a toll on their health.

I make it super simple for them to feel more organised and prioritise their health, so that they can hold space for those around them.

What is included?

Group Calls

4 Group calls for 1 hour using ZOOM at 8pm over 8 weeks. You’ll be able to join from anywhere ask questions, share insights, connect and feel supported in your journey to change.

Wednesday 30th October, 13th November, 27th November & 11th December.

Email or Messenger Reminders

Reminder email or messenger so you’ll never miss a group call. It will include a  link to the ZOOM call so you are not adding another thing to your to-do list.

Journal To Happiness

Your stunning Journal to Happiness is a great place to record your journey and thoughts. You can really start to figure out what you need to be happy and what you can to do to achieve this (valued at $40).


A personalised one-on-one call where you’ll unpack what you’ve got on your plate, how it’s making you feel and what needs to change before the coaching circle calls start (valued at $80).


A personalised one-on-one call to review and tweak your goals after the group coaching calls have finished. What a great way to start 2010 (valued at $80).

It’s one thing to know what to do but another thing to be actually doing it. You’ve been operating on auto-pilot for far too long. It’s time for you to start giving back to yourself.

8 weeks access to the Mums' Coaching Circle can be yours

for just $220

Pay only $80 (initial payment)

Join the Mums' Coaching Circle wait list and start to value your wellbeing.

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