Get your family organised with a command centre

Get your family organised with Command Centre | Family command centre help you feel more organised and are found in one spot in the home.|

A command centre can help organise any busy family.

You’re running late for work. You thought you were organised then you hear.

‘Mum, where’s my permission form?’

‘Did you get me a new drink bottle?’

‘Isn’t there any milk?’

Does this sound familiar? You’re trying to remember and coordinate everything but it’s a full-time job that you don’t have time to do on your own.

My secret to being able to juggle a family, work and run a house has been organisation. One of the main strategies I’ve been using to feel more organised and share some of the load is a family command centre. It’s one spot in your house to organise everything. It’s also helped solve scheduling conflicts, save time and money. Sound like something you could use?

Here are tips to help you create your own command centre. I also recommend Pinterest for ideas and inspiration before you start.

Select the perfect location

I chose a wall in the doorway into our kitchen for our command centre. I’ve used clipboards and folders to store paper. You may have a small bench area, cabinet in the kitchen or even a desk in the entry hallway that you could use. Make sure it’s in a central point that everyone passes through.

What do I include?

Make a list of all the things you need from a command centre. Some of the things to consider are:

What type of calendar do you need?

I wanted one that was big enough to hold everyone’s activities. It was really easy to make using a large whiteboard and coloured tape for the lines.

I also wanted to use a visual schedule for my son who struggles with unstructured activities. He is becoming more independent and developed greater self-esteem since using his visual schedule. I purchased pictures of daily home routines from Teachers Pay Teachers. Then I laminated them and used self -adhesive magnet tape from Officeworks on the back.

Are you going to store bills and mail in a file box or tray on a bench or the wall?

I’ve added a pocket on the wall for all the kid’s letters from school and other activities. We have a box on the desk for our other mail and bills.

Are you going to include a place for a meal plan and shopping list?

We plan our meals for a month to save money, feel more organised and to stop hearing the dreaded ‘What’s for dinner, Mum?’ Next, to it, I’ve also put a small whiteboard to write grocery items.

What type of board (cork, magnetics, white or chalk) will you use for leaving notes, holding invitations, photos or any other paperwork that you need to see?

I’ve got a clipboard for our families expectations and a small whiteboard for notes with amazingly strong magnets called mighties. They can hold up to 10 sheets of paper, a small pair of scissors or a set of keys. We also started to add a daily affirmation card from either Musings from the Moon or Affirmation Farm on our whiteboard. Affirmations encourage positive thoughts, resilience, confidence and mindfulness.

Do you need reward charts, visual to-do lists, chores or cleaning schedules?

I’ve used a magnet board for a rewards chart and visual to-do list for my son. He especially loves to move his to-do magnets across to the done column throughout the day. There is also no more nagging from me ‘Have you brushed your teeth yet?’. At a quick glance, I can now see what he still needs to do.

I hope this list of what to consider will help you to create your own command centre that works for your family. It takes a bit of time to set up but it’s worth it to take some of the stress of your shoulders and calm the morning chaos.

If you want to better manage the juggle and feel more energised so that you can enjoy time with your family without worrying about your to-do list then download free audio now.

What do you think you would need in your command centre? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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  1. Love this idea! I know I need to get more visibly organised for the family rather than carrying it all around in my brain. A command centre is a great idea and I love how you’ve walked us through exactly how you do it. Thanks!

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