Fun And Educational Online Activities For Rainy Days

Fun And Educational Online Activities For Rainy Days | For most kids, bad weather means boredom, especially in the winter when they couldn't be having fun outside. |
For most kids, bad weather means boredom, especially in the winter when they couldn’t be having fun outside. When little ones get bored, bad behaviour sometimes ensues, which can lead to problems for everyone. That’s why it’s important to help them find ways to stay entertained indoors, but that’s not always easy to do, especially if you want them to be educational at the same time.
Fortunately, there are several educational online activities that will keep your child engaged and happy while he learns about various topics. From math and science to art and language, there are all kinds of great apps and websites just for kids that have safety features built in. Not only will they stay entertained for quite a while, but you’ll also have peace of mind that they’re using their time wisely.
Keep reading for some great tips on how to find fun and educational online activities for your kids when the weather is bad.
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There are many learning sites out there, but one that has been popular over the last several years is Starfall. This learning website helps kids with reading and phonics and has a vast array of activities, from basic letter recognition to reading plays and comic books. Some classrooms utilize this site, so talk to your child’s teacher to find out if you can sync his activity time with the classroom’s.


If your kiddo loves science projects and experimenting, this site has a ton of great ideas that utilize things you may already have at home. Many of the games and activities mentioned have a creative element or involve building, so they are perfect for a variety of age ranges. Go here to check them out.

Balance free time with real-life math applications

Many kids say that math is their least favourite subject, but that could simply be because they haven’t found the right way to utilize it in the real world. Helping your child find ways to use math concepts that make sense to them will help boost their confidence and may even hike their grades up, so check out this site, which offers tons of great ideas on how to do just that for every grade range.

Get creative

Lots of children love to make art; in fact, if you give a kid a piece of blank paper and a crayon, the chances that he’ll ignore it are slim to none. Most kids have a basic need to create, but unfortunately, arts programs around the country have been cut to almost nothing. Fostering that creative spark is important, so consider finding some online art lessons for your child so that he can find his own style and potential.

Head to the museum

Many museums nowadays have virtual tours online that allow anyone to “walk” through the exhibits and explore them. Look at the Louvre or the National Gallery of Art, or check out the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History for dinosaur lovers. Technology has made it easier than ever to educate ourselves on history and art, so take advantage!
Finding the perfect fun activity for your child when the weather isn’t so nice can be difficult, but giving him a variety to choose from certainly helps, and it will help him stay entertained twice as long. Take his hobbies into consideration and work those into the sites and apps you pick for him to check out, such as sports, science, art, or animals. With a little preparation, you and your child can have a blast this holiday, rain or shine.
Thanks to Jenny for her guest blog and sharing fun and educational online activities for rainy days. She is a homeschooling mum to her 4 children. She has a blog with lots of useful educational ideas. Check out some more ideas on her website Special Home Educator.
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Fun And Educational Online Activities For Rainy Days | For most kids, bad weather means boredom, especially in the winter when they couldn't be having fun outside. |

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