Calm the Chaos Challenge

How to reduce the stress and overwhelm in your day as a mum.

The simple things you can do on a daily basis to stop you feeling overwhelmed so that you can calm the chaos and be more present with your kids.

As a mum, I know you are running around doing a thousand things and being at the beck and call of everyone else.

You are stressed out, snowed under and doing so much but achieving so little and you are left feeling exhausted.

If you want simple strategies to get your head out of overwhelm, feel more organised, and have enough energy to get through the day then join the

Calm the Chaos Challenge

During the challenge, you'll:

  • Learn how to feel more organised so you don't feel like you're dropping the ball all the time.
  • Discover ways to boost your energy so you aren't running on empty.
  • Work out simple things you can do to get your head out of overwhelm on a daily basis and get through your to-do list without turning into a frazzled, crazy mum.

I know you don't have much time on your hands so I am going to make it really simple for you to pick just ONE task each day that will make your life easier.

Who is presenting Calm the Chaos Challenge?

Hi, I’m Narelle I am a busy mum to two children with a background in Education and a Wellness Coach for Simply Happy. I help working mums who are always on the go, but the constant juggle of work, and family commitments are leaving them exhausted. I make it super simple for them to feel more organised, so that they actually have time for the things that they want to do.

Calm the Chaos Challenge

Starts Sunday 28th October

Enter your details below and you will receive 3 days of simple tips to help you calm the chaos and be more present with your family.

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